Thursday, April 12, 2012


C: Coincidentally during M and My four-year break from posting on here we both happened upon the same path. The one that lead to marriage. Not to one another but its pretty funny how life happens sometimes..
They say the first year of marriage is 'The Year of Adjustment' and I testify that in my experience that is certainly true. Even though we went the non-traditional route and lived together for quite a while before tying the knot we seem to be still adjusting to one another a little. For me though, life as a newlywed has been great. Also, its been a vast learning experience. I used to think it was just a thing in the movies but seriously, before long your 'I's' become 'We's' and you don't think of yourself as one independent being anymore... you think of the both of you and your home as one entity. He is the first thing I think of when I wake up in the morning and the last thing I think about before I shut my eyes every night. Another thing I thought was a fabrication of Hollywood was: Nothing Fights. But they are real.. and I find myself in the middle of them more often then I'd like to admit. But for all the little and not so little tweaks you need to make when you get married there is something great inside it all. My husband is the only person in the world who in an instant can make be enraged with anger, annoyed beyond forming coherent sentences, or completely perplexed by strange 'boy logic'... he is also the only person in the world who in one instant can make my fears disappear, make me 'jump up-and-down' excited, make me laugh when I'm sad, erase a crappy day at work with a hug. He is the one I want next to me for everything the rest of my life.

M:Its been a year, 8months , and 16 days time since it happened. A nice sunny day with clear blue skies and a lump the size of a walnut in my throat...I Doooooooouuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh........(Echo)
Nervous but relieved the look on everyone's faces I'm happy they're happy more important shes happy.As a "old" newly wed (is that right?) I've been experiencing the new "old" things that my parents would do or say and be in the nothing fights, the makeups,the i do this way but you do that way,
yada yada. I see a whole new perspective on how i to live with someone you love for the rest of your life. I'm glad that i have found a center with my significant other. This marriage thing is not easy but its a fulfilling life with my wife. Allot of new adventures and little names we call things and new things to find for each other. Marriage is a beautiful journey I'm taking and a new experience for the rest of my life. Its funny how before i would only think about myself when i would find something or see something i would like but now i think man "she" would like this or man this would perfect for "her" or man "she" needs to hear about this. A tough road its been so far what with agree to disagree finding like terms within our understanding. i love my wife and its been a short while and with all the rates for divorce on the up and up.... its a matter of understanding and knowing how to manage your marriage.

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Space Travel

M: Its been a long time but better now than never. The Marklar Room 2.0. yee-hah (can i say that?)
With all the new advancements through the 90's 2000's and today. We now are moving have come closer to what was impossible to what could be possible. I for one cannot wait to start flying in outer space watching all the glory of space travel as i go 200+ miles per hour into orbit. Will i vomit? probably will i try to squish my water bottle into the air and see if turns into a cool glob if floating awesomeness? you betcha!....not only that i would like to play my guitar even though i wont hear anything but to know that i have played makes all the the difference in the world. When im up there i can also decide on getting naked in space....cold yes but the achievement is there not many people can say" yeah I've been naked....IN SPACE!!
I'm ready train me prepare the way for my intergalactic small but big step in my near future hop on the spaceship of adventure.
along with my space dog and space wife im ready !!!

C: Before I begin I must admit that a rather severe fear of mine prohibits me from embracing the thought of traveling through space. And that fear is aliens.. I dont know why I hate/am scared of them so much but I really am. I cant even watch any movies about them, I just flip out.

Putting aside my fears, I would look at space travel as an enormous learning opportunity. Imagine what we could learn not only about space, distance, time, and other solar systems but what we could learn about our earth. I am a firm believer that no matter how much we think we may know we've only just scratched the surface. Imagine the great possibilities.. perhaps we could learn to sustain human life on other earth-like planets and we could live in two different planets if we so choose. And imagine for a moment if aliens weren't horrible, scary, ugly, terrible things? Maybe if they were nice, and intelligent, and helpful we could be friends and live on planets together. That would be cool. Also the lengths that humans could reach? Other solar systems, galaxies, etc. I imagine that all these things will eventually be possible for the human race, though not in my lifetime... maybe not even the lifetimes of my children. We as a species are constantly learning more about how the world around us comes to be. It is only a matter of time for someone to figure out how to take that next step into the skies and change everything we thought we knew. All in all I would say I am positive that it is only our natural course to end up exploring other worlds around us. Its just a matter of time.

Great to be back Marklar Room!

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Monday, September 22, 2008

The Mighnight Show

M: Recently C has been searching from what i like to call the odd cinematic Midnight Show taco theater.And as her partner in blog i followed and saw two very interesting Flicks. The first one is a called "EL TOPO" (the mole) a 1970 spaghetti western-ish cult movie starring, written and directed by Alejandro jodorosky.The film is made in two parts. The first part is "El Topo" riding horse with his son. as they journey el topo teaches his son the values of being a man. after el topo abandons his son and leaves him for some chick. El topo then takes on the 7 gun masters of the dessert each teaching him certain lessons on the living righteous in their way.Part two of the film takes place after "el topo" was shot left abandoned by a woman who took el topos girl in the name of love. El topo begins to have a rebirth in order to redeem from his past mistakes he helps the deformed in a cave by making a tunnel to the outside world.Second on the Midnight movie taco Theater is yet another classic film by " hairspray" creator John Waters.This disgusting flick is called "Pink Flamingos". The story deals with a never ending "who's the dirtiest" rivalry between Divine aka "Babs Johnson" and The Marbles. Even though the film was made in 1972 surprisingly enough its the most disgusting funniest film I've seen. In the movie divine and the marbles do constant dirty deeds and actions in order to win the who's who of the filthiest. A great film and something pretty much out of the ordinary action/adventure espionage, mafia flicks I'm used to.

C: I have two different feelings about 'El Topo' that are quite the opposite. While watching the movie I appreciated the creativity and courage it took to make such a movie and also realizes that it pushed the envelope in several different ways but I'd be lieing to you if what I felt when the movie was over was anything good. Actually the feeling that I felt when the credits rolled up after the movie was over was complete confusion.. not because it wasn't clear what ended up happening to the 'freaks' and the main character, it was just that the movie takes you so far from where you started that it kind of loses coherence in my opinion. I will say that anyone who is interested in movies should watch this one if they get the chance but it truly left me scratching my head at the end there. lol Other then that.. there is lots of violence (always a plus), graphic content, and interesting characters. So I give it a positive review all together. Just proceed with caution because the end is a little loopy lol.
Ok, Pink Flamingo's.. what a ride. This movie is as hilarious as it is disgusting.. and I use this word to its fullest meaning. Divine is awesome! This movie just dabs in every taboo imaginable.. Divines mother alone is something out of a scary movie. I mean, kidnapping women and impregnating them so their babies can be sold, incest, strange fetishes, exposing ones self in public.. its hard to know where to start. I think everyone should watch this movie entirely.. if for nothing else but the last scene where Divine eats a piece of dog poop. Wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it myself. All in all its a great watch and I think everyone should take the plunge.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

When the sun is setting in the sky...

10 Party Survival Tips for Men

1. Always Dress yo' Pimpin' (know whats up bout the informal or formal......but we all know either way you have to look Better than the rest of them)

2. Its Pouring its pouring this person is soo boooring (if that dude ain't got game he don't need to know your name.....and if that chick ain't the shiiiet.....move on to another trick)

3. One Bite of delights and some is enough. (don't go grab happy with snacks they are there to pick on true but you wouldn't want everyone to ASSUME you haven't eatin' anything for DAYS.... )

4. Please No Butt Contamination Inside.(the release of these bodily emissions should be in the presence of you and your god)

5. All Animals have teeth.(even if you're one with nature and all good energy in the world. never fuck with animals in houses you do not know you never know if you're gonna end up with stitches you under the needle abuse........."oh it doesn't bite"........ yeah I'm sure it doesn't )

6. Lame jokes are better when I'm fuh tuhp.....(lame jokes don't sound as good when you're sober wait till the crowd gets a little "loose" then rock the house)

7.Early Bird gets the Booze. (make sure to first get your glass,bottle,shot, soon before the ex-AA people come to claim their share )

8. Damn daw.......I'm toe up/tore-up (Control yo' alcohol sometimes its good to be the life of the party. but better if you remember it the next morning)

9. Rocky is not your uncle nor the pope. (don't get into fights that don't belong to might get punched trust me I KNOW)

10.Have fun ........

10 Party Survival Tips for Women

1. Wear comfortable shoes (unless you were blessed like me with the ability to wear any shoe all night and be fine with it stick to your least painful pair. Oh, and never wear new shoes to a party.. break them in elsewhere)

2. There is a fine line between 'sexy' and 'trampy' and that line is usually a matter of a few inches added to a hemline. ( a fail-safe technique is to limit your 'nudity' to either the top half or the bottom half but never both.)

3. Make sure to have pre-drinks at a friends house or bring your own bottle to the party.

4. Never show up to a party empty-handed. (it's simply uncoof)

5. When a guy corners you at a party and desperately tries to capture your attention but you're not interested in the least don't hesitate to be direct and if necessary forceful to get your point across. ( No means no)

6. Never forget gloss and pressed powder compact. (Through the course of the night you could go from looking like Kathrine Zeta Jones to Frank-N-Furter so you'll need some kind of prevention plan. I try to throw a pretty clip or headband in my purse as well just in case.)

7. Have a back up plan. (Unfortunately its hard to tell if the party is going to be lame before you actually set foot inside so in the case that things turn sour you should have some sort of a plan B)

8. Never leave the group. ( Just like when you're on a date you need to stick together. If for some reason you are going to leave the party without them or some other situation occurs then you need to let someone in the group know before you separate. That's just manners.)

9. Never take your shoes off while dancing because your feet get sore. (If your feet start to hurt then find a seat and relax till you can stand up again.. I cannot stress this enough, taking your shoes off is the mark of the lowest breed of trash.)

10. Last but not least be safe. (its easy to drink too much, or leave a party with a new group of people who seem nice or whatever other situation you can think of but the important thing is that you make it home later on or the next day safe and sound. If you're in a group then you all need to keep an eye out for one another or if you're there alone then try and stick with people you know. You never know what people are capable of and you need to be responsible. )

Friday, August 8, 2008

Gee thanks..?

C: Do you remember when you were still wearing your L.A. Gears, playing hide and go seek in the backyard of every family event that you were invited to? Remember how your mom would come out and call you and your siblings inside so you would go say hello to someone who you missed before coming outside? Or when your parents would force you to apologize in front of them not trusting you'd do it on your own when you were ready. As a twenty five year old i thought I was beyond people 'telling' me when to say please and thank you's but as it turns out we never really escape from our moms.. no matter who it is that thinks they're her. Alright, before you all assume I'm some rude chick who never speaks up when she makes a mistake I'm not.. I just cant do it when someone else tells me to because then I feel like its not coming from me. In early adulthood its difficult to not apologize, at least in my opinion, being responsible for every action or non action you do is new territory so I always feel like I'm a second away from having to apologize for something I did incorrectly. I have also found myself on the other side of this table, telling someone to go apologize or say thank you, I guess when you're mom isn't there you automatically put up this radar and listen for the breaks in the conversation where a 'please' or a 'thank you' is supposed to fit. Either way, its an involuntary action that I'm sure no one appreciates. I guess my only question at this point is: How can the person you're apologizing or thanking know that you actually wanted to if they saw you were obligated to do so? The answer is they don't.. I have faith that people, no matter how long it takes, will eventually do the right thing. Forcing them only makes them resent you and prolongs the 'spite' behaviors that will surely arise. You just gotta have a little faith that everyone was raised with even the most basic set of manners. Then again, they just might surprise you.. in a bad way.

M: Peer Pressure when the the crowd you're with becomes Mr. Rogers neighborhood.Just like kings and queens of the noble knight table they whisper the righteous things to say when i just insulted someone or unintentionally did something. but, i don't DO what people tell me to. Is this bad though?a a am i doing something wrong here?. In my didn' least in saying something I'm supposed to but not on my behalf on behalf of the wrong or right council. If i ever did anything wrong to someone my apologies or the right thing to say would be said on my time. It really is not the same saying I'm sorry just cause you were debriefed by the United Federation of Planets to read your script to that person.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My how you've grown..

C: It seems that as time passes younger people are committing haneous crimes that in a different time would have never happened. Lest us forget the Columbine shootings or The Menendez Brothers. Also, things like 'teen date rapes' and the over one million teen pregnancies a year that we're up to. Most people blame the media for its over-sexed, over-drugged, over-adult mainstream images and others blame society and the children's parents. I agree that it is the parents responsibility to guide their children into a prosperous adulthood. But, unlike many others, I take into consideration that it takes twice as much work to maintain a house and keep a job now a days so I can see why parents need to spend those long hours at work to make sure they have food on the table every night; And with the economy how it is the cost of basic living has increased to frightening levels. That doesn't take away from the fact that the parents need to spend more time at home molding these young easily influenced minds but for some parents it's either work 80 hours a week, or stay home with their children but starve. Both my parents worked and I think the three of us turned out relatively fine. I think the key to keeping today's youth from seeking attention by going to extremes to point the spotlight in their direction is to give them a loving and safe environment at home. However limited the time the entire family spends together should be filled with positive energy and should be a safe haven from the rest of the world. It should be a place where they feel their best and an feel free to let down their guards. I hope to one day build such a place for my own children, lets see how that works out lol.

M: As a young adult in this modern age i start to see what the world is evolving into how much we have changed and how much more there is to be changed. Ive seen some stupid shit yet it doesn't seem to bother as much yet sometimes it would tend to be a little bit too LAME for me. While the videotaped beating of a 16-year-old girl by her classmates is certainly the most recent evidence that all is not well among the nation’s youth, it likely won’t be the last piece of news to confirm this fact. After all it was also just announced that one out of every four teenage girls in the U.S. is living with a sexually transmitted disease. It looks that the nation’s youth are dropping out of school at an alarming rate.With approx 1.2 million students abandoning their education on an annual basis.While many experts believe to blame the media to explain the poor behavior of teens and adolescents.When other believe the problem as the breakdown of American parenting. Specifically that parents have abandoned their responsibilities in disciplining their children and equipping them with core American values.<----woah........So is it that the MODERN parents aren't doing their job?Do you believe that Americans have become bad parents in recent years? Is the poor state of America's youth the result of poor parenting or something else?

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Dame mas gasolina

M - ahh....."what a great day the sun is shining, weather is clear, it's all great and dandy but, wait my gas is about to run out DAMMMMMITT............( as i turn the corner).......AWE MAN!! C'MON!!! it was 4 something yesterday!!!!. ugh!".The utter lameness that is getting gas is the thing to experience nowadays. Long ago around the 1940's gas was about 18 cents per gallon Do you know where i could go with 18 cents per gallon? i would go EVERYWHERE!!!!.Since the human race is nothing but the ever growing infection on mother natures wound it has to find ways to find the necessary scarce resources.Automakers and other companies for years have been developing ways to consume less petroleum and gain more octane for your buck.Personally i think we should start riding like the Flintstones did back in the days.If not we can ride bike to our jobs or take the bus.Ask the council of your county to create more stops for the bus with a little effort and dedication we can improve our gas consumption. Also find if some of your co-workers live near you and start a carpool. Some people still prefer the company of themselves so i would recommend to do some research as to how to improve your gas mileage. there's many theories and methods people would say and the so-called professionals could tell you but, like i said not buy chemicals that "clean the inside of your car". it only makes it worse and the engine works harder. the harder the engine works the more octane it needs to work. So far what i have done is gather enough information on doing some modifications to the fuel system and other parts of my vehicle in order to get as much mpg as i can. Everyone should do their part in trying to make the best out of these gas guzzing times. If you are not interested in doing the whole car modding it yourself find out who can. Its not saving the world but its a couple of more bucks in your pocket.

C: It's a sad sad day when I look at the price for regular gas and it's spiked up to $4.37. I remember when I owned my previous car and it only took eleven dollars to fill up the whole tank.. now its more then thirty. I cant even imagine people who drive those huge trucks around.. what is it like $90 to fill it up?.. to hell with that. And I hear that we're not done yet.. rumors of it hitting five dollars are not even making people flinch. Anyway, I could dwell on the problem but instead I would rather strategize for when the gas gets so expensive that its cheaper to go get a wisdom tooth extracted (without insurance) then it is to fill up your gas tank. So here are my ideas for saving gas: 1. Bring out that bike that's been collecting dust in the back of the garage and put it to good use. Not only would you save money but you'd be getting your cardio for the day as well. 2. Carpool. 3. Run errands while you're on the way somewhere else. Like.. instead of leaving it for another day, pop in and pick up your dry cleaning if its right around the corner from where you're meeting your friend for lunch. That way you wont have to make two trips to the same place. OK, that's all I could think of at the moment but if I can come up with any more I'll be sure to add them. BTW.. if any of you guys have any ideas that M and I have not mentioned already feel free to put them in the comments, we'd love to hear them.